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BizGym features a unique financial forecasting system easy enough for anyone to use. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and BizGym will generate 5-year, investment-ready financial reports. To sign up, see Upgrade Membership Plans »




STEP 1: Enter Assumptions

You don’t have to know anything about accounting. Just tab through the green bar tabs and enter assumptions.

Just Fill in the Blanks

You can enter custom content or in some cases accept recommended defaults. For sections that include multiple options, select a category by opening drop-down menus for suggested standard accounting divisions.

Built-In Help

For help and accounting definitions, just select the Help icon.

Financial Modeler Assumptions Panel

BizGym 5-Year Income Statement Report

BizGym 5-Year Cash Flow Report BizGym 5-Year Balance Sheet Report


STEP 2: View Forecasts

As assumptions are entered, BizGym calculates investment-ready financial forecasts including:

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  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Balance Sheet


Editing Assumptions

BizGym makes it easy to sculpt your numbers. Just revisit any tab on the Assumptions panel, update variables and click “Calculate” to regenerate your Financial Reports including:
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  • Date Selector: Start your project on any date.
  • Currency Selector: Work in your choice of common world currencies. Currencies show in both the online system and download PDF reports. Your currency not shown? We’ll add it if you Contact Us
  • Taxation & Interest Rates: Set various percentage multipliers for income tax rates and bank interest rates.
  • Credit Sales: Define percentage of sales on credit and credit terms such as 30, 60 or 90 day payment terms. BizGym automatically takes these settings into account in calculating your report.
  • Employee Taxes & Benefits: Define various employee tax, healthcare and other benefits and costs.
  • Product Costs: Including multiple products, costs of goods, sales volume, returns & sales on commission. Also includes trending control for seasonal or growth rate adjustments.
  • Asset Costs: Including facilities & equipment, salvage value and land costs. Also includes automatically calculating depreciation and amortization algorithms.
  • Staffing Costs: Including employees, owner’s draw and trending for seasonal and growth adjustments.
  • Marketing Costs: Including campaigns, consultants, networking and trending for seasonal and growth adjustments.
  • Administrative Costs: Including supplies, services, postage, shipping, travel, insurance, utilities, trending, other costs and trending for seasonal and growth adjustments.
  • Services: Including legal, accounting, public relations, information technology and other consultants.
  • Funding: Including equity investment, phased investment, loans, loan interest and payback terms.


Download to Print

BizGym Numbers offers PDF reports to make it easy to share and print your content.
PDF print financial forecast reports

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