The Cyberport Group leverages entrepreneurial tools by BizGym


Online Team Building

Cyberport Members draft project team members or join entrepreneurial teams via a Projects Directory.

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Collaborative Planning

Teams craft communal business plans, pitches & financials using a special Cyberport version of BizGym.com.

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Funding Submissions

Submit online to the Cyberport Creative Micro-Fund (CCMF) for funding, mentorship & office space.

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System Features

A myriad of rapid development features

Visual Mind Maps

BizGym® Templates blend design-thinking with short-form writing to yield a fast & easy idea capture system.

Automated Coaching

Inspiring and easy-to-read Expert Tips & Industry Examples are built into template fields so you access only what’s relevant.

Strategic Tutorials

Mission, Strategy, Products, Customers, Competition, Marketing, Operations, Management & Funding.

Business Plan Templates

Including: One-Sentence (Mission), One-Page (StoryTree), Exec. Summary & Full Business Plan.

Pitch Templates

including: Elevator Pitch, Investor Pitch, Company Presentation, Talk Points Map and more.

Marketing Templates

Including: Stationery & Business Card, Brochure, Store Merchandising Plan, Identity Brief.

Share & Collaborate

Gain peer/mentor feedback and invite multiple project team members through email and social sharing features.

5-Year Financials (upgrade)

Super-easy assumptions panel generates investment-ready Income Statement, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet reports.

Download & Print (upgrade)

Download content to your favorite word processing program for print from PDF documents.

System Templates

Work any template ~ they all grow at once!

Mission & Vision

Your Mission & Vision Statements and how they relate. Live Preview »

Goals Pyramid

Top-level goals, departmental objectives & tracking metrics. Live Preview »

Tombstone Test

A validation test of your Mission & Vision Statements. Live Preview »

StoryTree (One-Page B-Plan)

A visual one-page business plan & talk points map. Live Preview »

Business Plan (full version)

A comprehensive business planning system. Live Preview »

Executive Summary

An abridged version of a full business plan. Live Preview »

Elevator Pitch

A quick introduction of your business. Live Preview »

Podium Pitch

A slideshow presentation of your company. Live Preview »

Investor Pitch

A slideshow for funding presentations. Live Preview »

Stationery & Business Card

Your calling card identity for print materials. Live Preview »


Key sales content for marketing materials. Live Preview »

Storefront & Plan

Your storefront & merchandising plan. Live Preview »

Identity Brief

A brand communications guide for consultants. Live Preview »

Company Data Sheet

Key company data for investors and media. Live Preview »

PLUS Financials (upgrade)

SUPER-EASY 5-year, investment-ready financial forecasting system.

Income Statement

See how income and expenses drive your future bottom line.
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Cash Flow

See your future resource availability and how it stretches.
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Balance Sheet

See how assets and liabilities drive your future net worth.
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