Why its Important to Stand for Something Worthwhile

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Katz, a young entrepreneur who craved comfort in everything he wore, married the two categories and created a new kind of footwear—walking shoes. Called Rockports, these shoes had thick yet lightweight soles, soft uppers, and high-tech comfort liners that hugged and soothed the foot. The industry scoffed at his big idea. They didn’t believe that… Read more »

Trends: Marketing in the Age of Ideas

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Marketing guru Seth Godin believes that promoting to the generalized masses is now antiquated and that a whole new way of marketing by ideas has come of age. Says Godin in an address at TED on How to Standout, “It’s not about interrupting people with big full page ads or insisting on meeting people. But… Read more »

The Economy of Every Man for Himself

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Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we’re educating the youth of the world. And he seeks answers to the question “why don’t we get the best out of people?” Robinson believes it’s because schools are killing creativity. “Academic ability has come to dominate our view of intelligence”, says Robinson. Rather than focusing the talents and… Read more »

Startups: 10 Reasons to Launch in a Recession

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Lost your job? Worried about long-term employment prospects? The day of the 30-year-watch career is gone. And you might be coming to the realization that you’re own now–for good. Or maybe you have a big idea that you want to take to market. Either way, it’s high time to start fending for yourself and bust… Read more »