Funding: 10 Ways to Bootstrap Your Business

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Wikipedia defines bootstrapping as, “a self-sustaining process that proceeds without external help” A simple concept, but expert advice on how to do it proved a bird’s nest of conflicting suggestions. Here’s an unraveled version of Top 10 Ways to Bootstrap a Business: Barter. Exchange your offerings or assets–like your wife’s shoe collection–for the products or… Read more »

Raising Capital: 6 Startup Mistakes to Avoid

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Brad Sugars, columnist and founder of ActionCOACH writes, “The business landscape is littered with would-be entrepreneurs who’ve stumbled in their search for startup capital.” Here’s his 6 most common funding blunders (along with our two-bits of course): 1. Half-Baked Business Plans. We couldn’t agree more Brad, but we prefer a fishing metaphor: i.e., a dangling… Read more »

Firewire Surfboards Lead the Next Age of Surfing Above the Lip

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Darwin was right when he said only the strong survive. In business today, that increasingly means leadership through innovation that tests limits and transform markets. In the world of surfing, a brave new warrior has emerged in Firewire Surfboards, a company positioning itself to take over surfing’s billion dollar market. By making boards using unorthodox manufacturing… Read more »

Green with Success: Environmental Gyms by NBA's Steve Nash

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You know him as the the leader of the Phoenix Suns where he has earned back-to-back NBA MVP titles in the 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons. But did you know he’s also an avid film-maker, philanthropist, and now environmental gym entrepreneur? We salute Steve Nash for making something of his life beyond  a stellar round-ball career…. Read more »