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Hawaiian Gifts & Souvenirs |

BizGym Case Study: LeiHut was a consulting project that BizGym was initially engaged towrite a business plan and financials for an online flower retailer in Hawai‘i. What quickly became clear was that flowers aren’t the optimal product category for online sales, so we tweaked the model to be a shopping mall of Hawai‘i products with… Read more »

BizGym, Landscape HI Mag 11/11

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[one_half] [/one_half] [one_half_last] BizGym Steve has his writing training wheels on now with the first installment for a biz column in an awesome magazine called Landscape Hawaii, “The Voice of Hawaii’s Green Industry.” As you likely know, BizGym DIGS GREEN! Steve and BizGym are excited to help this very worthy organization help their biz members find… Read more »

Startup Weekend, Hon. 9/16-18

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Startup Weekend with BizGym

BizGym is amped to be a sponsor of Startup Weekend, Honolulu, an intense 54-hour team event to build the sickest web or mobile application. The event brings together software developers, graphics designers and business people to make seriously cool apps with an eye toward creating a business model and brand to take to market. BizGym is… Read more »

Startups: 10 Reasons to Launch in a Recession

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Lost your job? Worried about long-term employment prospects? The day of the 30-year-watch career is gone. And you might be coming to the realization that you’re own now–for good. Or maybe you have a big idea that you want to take to market. Either way, it’s high time to start fending for yourself and bust… Read more »

Funding: 10 Ways to Bootstrap Your Business

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Wikipedia defines bootstrapping as, “a self-sustaining process that proceeds without external help” A simple concept, but expert advice on how to do it proved a bird’s nest of conflicting suggestions. Here’s an unraveled version of Top 10 Ways to Bootstrap a Business: Barter. Exchange your offerings or assets–like your wife’s shoe collection–for the products or… Read more »

Will Obama’s $787B Stimulus Help Small Biz?

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President Obama’s early Christmas present to the American economy is a $787 billion dollar stimulus package. Will it provide smiles for all? Or prove a Trojan Horse that wreaks mayhem on our future? Find out how your business may be affected see the article at: What do you think?

Firewire Surfboards Lead the Next Age of Surfing Above the Lip

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Darwin was right when he said only the strong survive. In business today, that increasingly means leadership through innovation that tests limits and transform markets. In the world of surfing, a brave new warrior has emerged in Firewire Surfboards, a company positioning itself to take over surfing’s billion dollar market. By making boards using unorthodox manufacturing… Read more »