5 Ingredients to a Tasty Mission Stmt

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Mission Statement Recipe Thumb

Is your Mission Statement a tasty treat? Here’s a sure-fire recipe to cook up an award-winning Mission: Trim Your Audience: Know exactly who you want to help and let them know that you know who they are. Pair-down excess audiences to get to the most intense parts. With so much marketing noise these days, in… Read more »

Do B-Schools Practice What They Preach?

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PICKUP A BUSINESS MAGAZINE and cut out all the B-school ads to determine which knows the A-B-C’s of business like positioning, audience segmentation, competitive analysis, product definition and sales strategy. Also, apply the 3-Second Advertising Rule (look for jut 3 seconds) to see how effectively they convey their message. MARCH, 2010: I did just this with the Harvard… Read more »

Overcoming The Pitfalls of Passion

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CURES for 5 common forms of Passion Blindness: 1. Entitlement Blindness: You have a Big Idea. But are you the best positioned to make it a business? One sure bet is that if you’re successful, others will want to horn-in. And they might have superior resources and connections to overcome your early lead. Don’t waste… Read more »

What Does It Take to Impress a VC?

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Ever wondered what goes on during a Venture Capitalist (VC) meeting? Wondered what questions are most common, how the negotiations are done or what it really means to play ‘hardball’? Check out ABC’s series, “Shark Tank” to see what it really takes to impress a successful investor. The so-called ‘sharks’ consist of a panel of… Read more »

How to Win: Ready to Bolt?

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Coach Hayley Sue Busts a Move

Hey gang, AJ here….my daughter runs cross country and here’s what she told me before yesterday’s race, “You win by starting fast and staying in front of the pack.”  I was stunned by her simple strategy…not just because it really works for cross country running, but because of how insightful it is for business too. Why? Well I think… Read more »

"Weak Link" Breaking Your Profit Chain?

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My newspaper is wet because the delivery kid didn’t care… does anyone else care? Well I certainly do, and so do the other subscribers on my street.  Should the folks downtown at the newspaper care too? I sure hope so. In business, you’re only as good as your weakest link. You may have the best… Read more »

Why Customers Want Authenticity

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Joseph Pine, author of The Experience Economy, makes the case that success will increasingly be based upon whether or not a company is perceived as authentic. In a nutshell, he theorizes that our economy has evolved from agrarian-age commodities, to industrial-age goods, to information-age services and now to preference for authentic experiences. Says Pine, “Everyone… Read more »

The ingredients of RVCA’s "Secret Sauce"

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We’re all becoming experts at stalking the Internet. We do it on facebook. We do it on twitter. We do it by googling anything and everything. So if your “brand” isn’t authentic, we’re gonna find out and you’re gonna get slammed. We’re not gonna buy your stuff and we’re gonna tell our friends. Don’t try… Read more »