How to Win: Ready to Bolt?

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Coach Hayley Sue Busts a Move

Hey gang, AJ here….my daughter runs cross country and here’s what she told me before yesterday’s race, “You win by starting fast and staying in front of the pack.”  I was stunned by her simple strategy…not just because it really works for cross country running, but because of how insightful it is for business too. Why? Well I think… Read more »

"Obama-care": A Bad Story Waiting to Happen

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This post is not intended to detract nor support the President, but it is here to observe that the label “Obama-care” poses a long-term story liability for the President. Why? Because Americans will ultimately blame any healthcare system for their ills, whether or not it proves successful for the masses. From a political POV, it’s a… Read more »

"Weak Link" Breaking Your Profit Chain?

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My newspaper is wet because the delivery kid didn’t care… does anyone else care? Well I certainly do, and so do the other subscribers on my street.  Should the folks downtown at the newspaper care too? I sure hope so. In business, you’re only as good as your weakest link. You may have the best… Read more »

Why Customers Want Authenticity

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Joseph Pine, author of The Experience Economy, makes the case that success will increasingly be based upon whether or not a company is perceived as authentic. In a nutshell, he theorizes that our economy has evolved from agrarian-age commodities, to industrial-age goods, to information-age services and now to preference for authentic experiences. Says Pine, “Everyone… Read more »

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." ~ Ben Franklin

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Nice Ben… Our sentiments exactly. The Storymanager® System is dedicated to making your business something worth reading about. And we do it by helping you find your way through words. So as our thumb inches closer to the launch button, we hope that Ben would have approved of what we’re up to here at Storymanager…. Read more »