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Hawaiian Gifts & Souvenirs |

BizGym Case Study: LeiHut was a consulting project that BizGym was initially engaged towrite a business plan and financials for an online flower retailer in Hawai‘i. What quickly became clear was that flowers aren’t the optimal product category for online sales, so we tweaked the model to be a shopping mall of Hawai‘i products with… Read more »

BizGym, Landscape HI Mag 11/11

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[one_half] [/one_half] [one_half_last] BizGym Steve has his writing training wheels on now with the first installment for a biz column in an awesome magazine called Landscape Hawaii, “The Voice of Hawaii’s Green Industry.” As you likely know, BizGym DIGS GREEN! Steve and BizGym are excited to help this very worthy organization help their biz members find… Read more »

Startup Weekend, Hon. 9/16-18

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Startup Weekend with BizGym

BizGym is amped to be a sponsor of Startup Weekend, Honolulu, an intense 54-hour team event to build the sickest web or mobile application. The event brings together software developers, graphics designers and business people to make seriously cool apps with an eye toward creating a business model and brand to take to market. BizGym is… Read more »

Bytemarks on BizGym

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BizGym author Steve Sue and Iolani School entrepreneurship teacher Michelle Hastings dueled with hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa yesterday on Bytemarks Cafe, the Hawaii Public Radio show on technology in Hawaii. After 20 minutes of local news, Steve and Michelle walked Burt and Ryans’ plank for an entire 40 minutes of swash-buckling action. ARrrrrrrrr!… Read more »

5 Ingredients to a Tasty Mission Stmt

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Mission Statement Recipe Thumb

Is your Mission Statement a tasty treat? Here’s a sure-fire recipe to cook up an award-winning Mission: Trim Your Audience: Know exactly who you want to help and let them know that you know who they are. Pair-down excess audiences to get to the most intense parts. With so much marketing noise these days, in… Read more »

Do B-Schools Practice What They Preach?

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PICKUP A BUSINESS MAGAZINE and cut out all the B-school ads to determine which knows the A-B-C’s of business like positioning, audience segmentation, competitive analysis, product definition and sales strategy. Also, apply the 3-Second Advertising Rule (look for jut 3 seconds) to see how effectively they convey their message. MARCH, 2010: I did just this with the Harvard… Read more »

Overcoming The Pitfalls of Passion

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CURES for 5 common forms of Passion Blindness: 1. Entitlement Blindness: You have a Big Idea. But are you the best positioned to make it a business? One sure bet is that if you’re successful, others will want to horn-in. And they might have superior resources and connections to overcome your early lead. Don’t waste… Read more »

What Does It Take to Impress a VC?

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Ever wondered what goes on during a Venture Capitalist (VC) meeting? Wondered what questions are most common, how the negotiations are done or what it really means to play ‘hardball’? Check out ABC’s series, “Shark Tank” to see what it really takes to impress a successful investor. The so-called ‘sharks’ consist of a panel of… Read more »