Cyberport, HK Partnership

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Cyberport Hong Kong Accelerator

BizGym and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport) have formed a partnership to create a Chinese language version of the BizGym online entrepreneur’s toolset. The new system will be branded as the “Cyberport Business System powered by BizGym” and will feature team-matching, collaborative business planning and direct linkage to Cyberport’s micro-fund application process. Operations will… Read more »

Startup Weekend, Hon. 9/16-18

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Startup Weekend with BizGym

BizGym is amped to be a sponsor of Startup Weekend, Honolulu, an intense 54-hour team event to build the sickest web or mobile application. The event brings together software developers, graphics designers and business people to make seriously cool apps with an eye toward creating a business model and brand to take to market. BizGym is… Read more »

How to Make Your Biz Better by Cost-Cutting

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Lowering prices usually means more average and less engaging products. And selling less for less is rarely a strategy for growth. But here’s a paraphrased lesson on positioning from the The Big Moo: “Steve Jobs had a problem. His iPod was dominating the market, but was threatened by cheaper music players—players with far fewer features… Read more »

Why its Important to Stand for Something Worthwhile

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Katz, a young entrepreneur who craved comfort in everything he wore, married the two categories and created a new kind of footwear—walking shoes. Called Rockports, these shoes had thick yet lightweight soles, soft uppers, and high-tech comfort liners that hugged and soothed the foot. The industry scoffed at his big idea. They didn’t believe that… Read more »

Firewire Surfboards Lead the Next Age of Surfing Above the Lip

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Darwin was right when he said only the strong survive. In business today, that increasingly means leadership through innovation that tests limits and transform markets. In the world of surfing, a brave new warrior has emerged in Firewire Surfboards, a company positioning itself to take over surfing’s billion dollar market. By making boards using unorthodox manufacturing… Read more »