First BizGym Tweetup!

Tweetup on Kidpreneurs This is a first for Steve: being a featured “speaker” in a tweetup (a meeting on Twitter).  The goal: chat up the benefits of getting kids ahead through entrepreneurial business learning. March 3, 2011 5:30pm PST WHERE: #CEOKidsChat on Twitter   Thx in advance to @SarahLCook of for potty training Steve… Read more »

Steve Sue, founder of

The Scoops on BizGym

Yo – Linda Chiem and Pacific Business News thanks for doing the very first story on Baby BizGym! It’s like we were taking our first step and yes, it was a bit wobbly at first, but we lived! Today was a really fun day of watching the the signups come in… a trickle at first,… Read more »

Waipahu Mauraders High School

BizGym Back to High School

The Big Q at Waipahu High was, “Is Bizgym really free? Or fake free?” Kids are sooo savvy these days! YO. The answer is: REALLY FREE if you want to make an investment-grade Business Plan, Mission Statement, Elevator Pitch and like 11 other business planning, pitch writing and marketing templates. REALLY! Free like in totally,… Read more »


Should Business Planning Be Cookie-Cutter?

While most really dug BizGym at SXSW this year, a few questioned whether BizGym might be too “cookie cutter” an approach. Hmmmmm… time to re-evaluate what were doing… So OK, here’s the pros and cons of our knowledge management or “idea bank” approach to business planning: PRO Easier for Funders to Evaluate: A standardized “chip-to-chip”… Read more »


BizGym ClipCon Coming Soon!

YO! First ever BizGym ClipCon coming soon! Win cash-money and bragging rights by submitting a clip that describes why BizGym is cool and what happens if you do, or don’t, use it. Has to be hella funny to win so get your thinking horns on! Stay tuned for contest announcements next month!


Introducing BizGym Mobile!

So we launched BizGym and one of the first tweets back was from our new buddy @nerio123 who had a hard time seeing it in full browser mode on his Blackberry… Sorry Nerio, our bad. BUT we just made a mobile version. Just for you Nerio… Check it! Now of course our flight plan includes… Read more »

BizGym LIVES!!!

Whoa, what a laborious labor! Butt we finally yanked this one outta our cracks on 1/12/11 and now BIZGYM.COM lives! To catch up you biznewbies, is a new and improved version of Yep, we take our own medicine about continually evolving one’s business story. And heck, no one is as fast to the… Read more »


No Pain? No Gain!

Some are taught to avoid failure at all costs. But here’s an inspiring clip that shows you gotta just do it no matter what others say and no matter where your starting point. Inspired? Get into BizGym and start pumping up your future!


Do B-Schools Practice What They Preach?

PICKUP A BUSINESS MAGAZINE and cut out all the B-school ads to determine which knows the A-B-C’s of business like positioning, audience segmentation, competitive analysis, product definition and sales strategy. Also, apply the 3-Second Advertising Rule (look for jut 3 seconds) to see how effectively they convey their message. MARCH, 2010: I did just this with the Harvard… Read more »


How to Pitch: Tips from the SXSW Accelerator

SXSW (South By South West) is the music, film and interactive conference  in Austin, TX where the cool kids congregate every year. It’s a happenin’ place with big people and big ideas. And they have this thing called The Accelerator, which is a chance to pitch your Big Idea to a bunch of in-the-know investment guys…. Read more »