Planet Entrepreneur

BizGym ClipCon 2011 Winners!

Congratulations to Team “Planet Entrepreneur” from the summer session at ‘Iolani School, Honolulu for winning the first annual BizGym ClipCon! Whoa, these kids busted it with a really cool piece about a dude that doesn’t use BizGym for his business class assignment, flunks and turns into a bum… BIG mistake… Meanwhile his friends all get “A”s,… Read more »


BizGym “Bizcation” in Hawaii, Summer 2011!

Blue Sky in Paradise™ Perfect your BizGym Business Plan, Sales Pitches and 5-Year Financials in just 3 days. Then party on with 6 days of mind-opening leisure activities on the island of Oahu. Upcoming Sessions: Got Questions? Contact Us


How to Teach Kids Business

BizGym for Kids: Parents: ditch the storybook, grab a laptop and build a business with your kid tonight! Just logon at to use the FREE StoryTree Builder to enjoy a fun family bonding Kid-Biz growth experience. Once you make a Kid-Biz, you can also share your story in our Kid-Biz Blog by completing… Read more »


Bytemarks on BizGym

BizGym author Steve Sue and Iolani School entrepreneurship teacher Michelle Hastings dueled with hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa yesterday on Bytemarks Cafe, the Hawaii Public Radio show on technology in Hawaii. After 20 minutes of local news, Steve and Michelle walked Burt and Ryans’ plank for an entire 40 minutes of swash-buckling action. ARrrrrrrrr!… Read more »

Mission Statement Recipe Thumb

5 Ingredients to a Tasty Mission Stmt

Is your Mission Statement a tasty treat? Here’s a sure-fire recipe to cook up an award-winning Mission: Trim Your Audience: Know exactly who you want to help and let them know that you know who they are. Pair-down excess audiences to get to the most intense parts. With so much marketing noise these days, in… Read more »

AllBusiness on BizGym

Sometimes complicated descriptions are best left to the pros. This is especially true if you’re an inventor. OMG, I spent months picking my belly button over just how to phrase what the heck BizGym was. Every time I tried a line on others, they’d just stare back blankly ~ and they were friends and relatives!… Read more »

BizGym on blog

Dane Carlson on BizGym

Yo Angela Shupe & Dane Carlson! Thanks for blogging about BizGym on Anyone who doesn’t know Dane Carlson’s site, here’s Dane’s own words on it, “The Business Opportunities Weblog is a moderated list of legitimate business opportunities for entrepreneurs… Since 2001 this site has helped thousands of individuals in their quest for self-employment and business… Read more »


Kim Komando Names BizGym Site of Day

Kim Komando has selected BizGym site of the day! Saweeeeeet!!! Thx Kim for giving BizGym a thumbs up! We’re amped and proud to join the ranks of Kim’efied sites and we hope to make Kim the proud mommie of a good choice. To learn more about BizGym, see the BizGym Video Tour or try BizGym in preview mode… Read more »

Eco-friendly green business planning

Eco-Friendly Business Planning

So the question came up this week about whether BizGym is a green business planning app. Hmmm… that’s a head scratcher, because BizGym is Internet-based which means our carbon footprint is really small already. Even better, unlike old skool bplan systems that lead up to one epic print event, BizGym isn’t so focused on tree-killing…. Read more »


3 Tips for Teaching High School Business

I (Steve) was invited to chat up how to use BizGym at ‘Iolani School’s Economics & Entrepreneurship Classes today. Both of Ms. Hastings’ classes are using BizGym as entrepreneurial curriculum to make business plans, mission statements and sales pitches for their student projects. It was a fun and enlightening time (for me) and I’m hoping… Read more »