No Pain? No Gain!

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Some are taught to avoid failure at all costs. But here’s an inspiring clip that shows you gotta just do it no matter what others say and no matter where your starting point. Inspired? Get into BizGym and start pumping up your future!

What Does It Take to Impress a VC?

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Ever wondered what goes on during a Venture Capitalist (VC) meeting? Wondered what questions are most common, how the negotiations are done or what it really means to play ‘hardball’? Check out ABC’s series, “Shark Tank” to see what it really takes to impress a successful investor. The so-called ‘sharks’ consist of a panel of… Read more »

‘Insider’ Tips on Amping Your Pitch

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Hey guys, Donovan here… As a biz student at the Schidler College of Business, I’ve listened to A LOT of guest speakers: from Richard Parsons dissecting the causes of the recession to Jay Shidler reliving his entrepreneurial career. Many of these guest speakers were entrepreneurs who told a story of  living and dying by the… Read more »

The ingredients of RVCA’s "Secret Sauce"

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We’re all becoming experts at stalking the Internet. We do it on facebook. We do it on twitter. We do it by googling anything and everything. So if your “brand” isn’t authentic, we’re gonna find out and you’re gonna get slammed. We’re not gonna buy your stuff and we’re gonna tell our friends. Don’t try… Read more »

The Economy of Every Man for Himself

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Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we’re educating the youth of the world. And he seeks answers to the question “why don’t we get the best out of people?” Robinson believes it’s because schools are killing creativity. “Academic ability has come to dominate our view of intelligence”, says Robinson. Rather than focusing the talents and… Read more »

Will Obama’s $787B Stimulus Help Small Biz?

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President Obama’s early Christmas present to the American economy is a $787 billion dollar stimulus package. Will it provide smiles for all? Or prove a Trojan Horse that wreaks mayhem on our future? Find out how your business may be affected see the article at: What do you think?

Rags to Riches: The Man That Reinvented Haircare & Tequila

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John Paul DeJoria took $700 at age 22 and started what would soon become a $900 million a year hair care business: Paul Mitchell Systems. He would later co-found PatrónTequila, which would open up a new ‘premium’ market for tequila that’s even bigger than Paul Mitchell Systems. These days Forbes Magazine estimates his worth at $3.5… Read more »

Firewire Surfboards Lead the Next Age of Surfing Above the Lip

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Darwin was right when he said only the strong survive. In business today, that increasingly means leadership through innovation that tests limits and transform markets. In the world of surfing, a brave new warrior has emerged in Firewire Surfboards, a company positioning itself to take over surfing’s billion dollar market. By making boards using unorthodox manufacturing… Read more »