All About Entrepreneurship

BizGym is built by a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to making next-generation business tools. We hope you’ll join us in our quest to make the world a better place through sharing the power of entrepreneurship.


Primary players include:

Founder Steve Sue STEVE SUE, BizGym Author & Founder
Steve parlayed an education in art and law into a design thinking and business development career that spanned entertainment, hospitality development, retail branding and web development. For over 20 years he’s helped entrepreneurs get off the ground and is amped to share BizGym with you. Steve resides in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.

John LeBlancJOHN LEBLANC, Lead Tech
John “gets” all things web-techy. He was an early Internet innovator creating fancy websites for scads of cool companies including building and maintaining for nearly a decade two CBS station websites (WBZ in Boston & KPIX in SF). John is half web-plumber, half musician and now resides in Kaneohe, Hawai‘i.


Past contributors include:
  • DEVELOPERS: James Kunley, Stephen McMahon, Waldemar Kornewald, Thomas Wanschik, Thom Brooks.
  • UI & GRAPHICS: Trent Ward, Scott Murphy, Dan Leuck, Gus Higuera, Vandy Meares, John Finn.
  • SEO: RK Castillo, Dale Palileo
  • BLOG WRITERS: Alyssa Hui, Devin Yoshimoto, Donovan Morimoto, AJ Sue.
  • TESTERS: AJ Sue, Devin Yoshimoto, Josh Friberg, Donovan Morimoto, Karen Asato, Kimee Balmilero.

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