BizGym Entrepreneur's Success System

BizGym is happy to announce a new fresh look for 2013. Our new front end is also a ton faster and scaleable down to mobile screen format (see how the interface scales and re-stacks content by shrinking your browser window or checking it out on a smart phone). This is all made possible thanks to the magic of Twitter’s Bootstrap technology.

Even bigger thanks to our lead tech John LeBlanc for burning the midnight oil and dedicating what could have potentially been his last days on the planet (we made it through the Mayan Calendar thing after all!). BizGym runs a secure membership-based application, so the integration of Bootstrap is not a trivial endeavor so hat’s off to John.


Web Developers: Bootstrap is an HTML5 & CSS3 framework designed to help you kickstart the development of webapps and sites. We used a premium theme from and love it.

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