2013 New Year's business planning resolution save on BizGym

Make a New Year’s resolution to keep your business growing┬áby locking in 2012 BizGym pricing! BizGym is adjusting pricing in 2013 to reflect a more market rate however will also be offering pricing for another week at 2012 pricing until January 7, 2013. Rates as follows:

  • 50% OFF 2013 PLUS ~ 6 months at $4.95/mo. (2013 PLUS: $9.95/mo.)
  • 50% OFF 2013 PRO ~ 6 months at $9.95/mo. (2013 PRO: $19.95/mo.)

Existing BizGym Pro and Plus Members will be grandfathered in to enjoy 2012 rates for the first 6 months of 2013. And yes, we still Got the FREE version with the same features and more!

Thanks for being an entrepreneur and best of luck in 2013!

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