BizGym Entrepreneur's Meetup

The genuine passion and excitement I felt from the others was contagious

My name is Courtney Takabayashi and today I attended a BizGym Meetup for the first time. I was hoping to pick up a few tips about marketing through social media and maybe learn how to make money from my blog.

As a self-employed writer, I spend most of my time alone in front of a computer. That is why it was nice spending an hour with BizGym’s Steve and Devin, as well as the other attendees, Dennis and RK. We all came from different backgrounds and were able to bounce ideas off each other. Usually networking is a painful ordeal for me, as I dislike having to condense my entire life and career into one sentence, basically selling myself without sounding conceited or disillusioned.

However, the BizGym meetup was more than a networking event. It was an opportunity to share insight, expertise and resources. The genuine passion and excitement I felt from the others was contagious and I left the meetup invigorated and equipped with fresh ideas and clear plan of all that I want to accomplish as a writer.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to meet such knowledgeable and talented people who are so generous with their time. I hope that one day I am able to help someone as much as the folks at BizGym helped me.


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