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Hawaiian Gifts & Souvenirs  |  LeiHut.comBizGym Case Study: LeiHut.com. LeiHut was a consulting project that BizGym was initially engaged towrite a business plan and financials for an online flower retailer in Hawai‘i.

What quickly became clear was that flowers aren’t the optimal product category for online sales, so we tweaked the model to be a shopping mall of Hawai‘i products with a bent on bundling products into care packages that share the aloha of the islands. We didn’t ditch Hawaiian fresh flower lei, but simply explored adding other products and bundling them into care packages.

As the financials  began penciling out, we decided to take an equity interest in the project to help push it to fruition. We’re thrilled to be part of the LeiHut Ohana as it’s good fun with good friends.

LeiHut’s Mission: Share the Aloha!

LeiHut’s primary goals are to: 1. Sharing the aloha of Hawai‘i through care packages and an online mall of Hawai‘i souvenirs & gifts; 2. Helping small local Hawai‘i entrepreneurs get their stuff out to the world, and;  3. being an eco-friendly company that ditches big and bulky packing materials in favor of reusable and fun containers.

Check out LeiHut.com Today!

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