Planet Entrepreneur

Congratulations to Team “Planet Entrepreneur” from the summer session at ‘Iolani School, Honolulu for winning the first annual BizGym ClipCon!

Whoa, these kids busted it with a really cool piece about a dude that doesn’t use BizGym for his business class assignment, flunks and turns into a bum… BIG mistake… Meanwhile his friends all get “A”s, graduate and make something of themselves.

Here’s Their Winning Entry:

Team “Planet Entrepreneur” includes: Kaci Masuda, Jordan Lam, Justin Ho, Mary Yeh, Matthieu Toyama, Annie Takigawa, Aheng Ma, Zoe Wang and Tsuki Melo.

Thanks to those who made the first annual BizGym ClipCon: Kimee Balmilero, Dennis Burns, John LeBlanc, Josh Friberg, Dvin Yoshimoto, Karen Asato, Mia the Dawg and of course me… Steve Sue… :)

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