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Mission Statement RecipeIs your Mission Statement a tasty treat? Here’s a sure-fire recipe to cook up an award-winning Mission:

  1. Trim Your Audience: Know exactly who you want to help and let them know that you know who they are. Pair-down excess audiences to get to the most intense parts. With so much marketing noise these days, in order to stand out, you need to be really specific and focus on pure targets.
  2. Add Spicy Benefits: Once you know your audience, spice them up with well-matched benefits. You can salt their wounds (computer virus might melt-down your computer, baby might die in the event of a car crash, your house might burn down). Or you can try something tantalizing (product makes you attractive or sexy).
  3. Blend In Your “Secret Sauce”: Add what’s different, exceptional or inventive about your offering. If you’re leveraging a patent or other intellectual property right, this is a good place to reveal that fact. Fancy biz-smart folks refer to this ingredient as “differentiation” or a “Unique Selling Proposition.”
  4. Add Supporting Features: This is like that old Burger King commercial where the old lady keeps asking, “Where’e the BEEF!?” Define the key features that support your “secret sauce.”
  5. Plate All into One Tasty Sound-Bite: The final step is to boil the contents down as much as possible then garnish with sparkly connective language to yield a single awesome sentence of mouth-watering goodness.

If you want to kick it up a notch, try our FREE¬†Mission Statement Template at BizGym… Bon appetite!


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