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Listen to Kim’s Review: Air Dates: 3/15-19/11

3/15/11: WCBS New York, KNEW San Francisco, KFYI Phoenix, WPTF Raleigh, WJNO West Palm, WREC Memphis, WGY Albany. And here’s a few other delayed broadcast stations:

  • Miami: Sunday 1-4pm, WIOD 610 AM
  • Chicago: Saturday 9-12pm WLS 890 AM
  • Austin: Saturday 1-4pm, KLBJ 590 AM
  • San Antonio: Sunday 12-3pm, WOAI 1200 AM
  • Honolulu: Sunday 2-5pm 3/20/11, KHVH 830 AM

LA Gang: Kim isn’t carried in LA. Whaaaaat!!! But you can hear the recorded broadcast online.

The Kim Komando Show broadcasts on over 450 radio stations across the country. Hopefully she’s on a station in your area. If you’d like to tune in, locate a station now.

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