Waipahu Mauraders High School
Waipahu High School Business Mauraders

Waipahu High Business Mauraders

Business Coach Myron Nakata

Biz Coach Myron Nakata

Leialoha, BizGym Steve & Roy

BizGym Steve with biz buds Leialoha & Roy

The Big Q at Waipahu High was, “Is Bizgym really free? Or fake free?Kids are sooo savvy these days!

YO. The answer is: REALLY FREE if you want to make an investment-grade Business Plan, Mission Statement, Elevator Pitch and like 11 other business planning, pitch writing and marketing templates. REALLY! Free like in totally, freakin’, 100% free. See how it works.

BUT if you’re really ready to go into biz, as in obtain funding, you might also want to pay for fancy upgrade features like a super-easy Financial Modeler to do financial projections, or download reports, or have multiple projects in your account.

So BizGym was hangin’ with the cool kids at Waipahu High for Business Role Play Day. The day did not disappoint and we found them not only brilliant biz minds, but also awesome chefs… more on the latter later…

But for realz other high schools: watch out for Waipahu High ’cause┬áthese kids have their game on and are ready to go all offensive on you at the State Biz Comp!

Now, on the chefing: those same kids finished off a great event by serving us judges a totally home-cooked meal. Did you know they make an awesome lumpia at Waipahu High? Like DUH it is the home of the Marauders!

Good luck Waipahu Biz Bruts… consider your ride pimped and ready to race.

Love & Aloha, your Biz Bud,

Steve :)

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