BizGym Launch Look 1/12/11

It's a Baby Boy-bell! For posterity: BizGym on 1/12/11

Whoa, what a laborious labor! Butt we finally yanked this one outta our cracks on 1/12/11 and now BIZGYM.COM lives!

To catch up you biznewbies, is a new and improved version of Yep, we take our own medicine about continually evolving one’s business story. And heck, no one is as fast to the change-it trigger than Steve Sue… But then, BizGym is a WAY better name… shorter, easier to spell, catchy, strong… may be this one’l stick.

NEW STUFF IN THIS VERSION (besides the new name and look):

  • Multiple Projects – Upgrade!
  • Financial Forecaster – Upgrade!
  • Social Communities – FREE!

OLD SKOOL STICKYPITCH USERS: Thanks for hanging with us during our whacked out transitions. Please note that your StickyPitch project files have been moved to and are now available at Just logon at BizGym with your old StickyPitch username and password.

AND, stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon including multiple editors access and a BizGym Coaches Program!

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