While passion motivates, it can also blind and lead to ultimate failure.

CURES for 5 common forms of Passion Blindness:

1. Entitlement Blindness: You have a Big Idea. But are you the best positioned to make it a business? One sure bet is that if you’re successful, others will want to horn-in. And they might have superior resources and connections to overcome your early lead. Don’t waste your time proving markets for others. And define how you’ll keep others out of your grill.

2. Business Model Blindness: Launching a business can be exciting. But the real measure of success is long-term profitability. Don’t be an Icarus: sure he got off the ground, the higher he soared, the more the wax on his wings melted so he failed in the end. Look beyond the fun of the present and make sure you can sustain your flight path.

3. Competitor Blindness: Passion has a nasty tendency to blur the distinction between objectivity and marketing propaganda. Acknowledge your competitors’ strengths. Your goal should be to learn from them. Watch them. Stalk them. Don’t get blind-sided.

4. Audience Blindness: Ever heard a mission statement that sounds like, “We will be the preeminent… $1billion dollar a year… blah, blah, blah…”? That’s passion blindness at work. Sure you can have lofty goals, but it’s more effective to focus on the needs and wants of your audience. Don’t make it about you, make it about them.

5. Profit Blindness: You’re into your product. Cool. But profitability is often less about signature products and more about the “other” stuff. Fancy folks call this “merchandising” and planning your product mix it drives your bottom line. So look beyond the obvious and get smart with your product mix.

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One Response to “Overcoming The Pitfalls of Passion”

  1. Donovan

    I agree..Sometimes you can be so passionate that you don't realize the flaws your concept has when it's actually brought to the market. Good post!

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