It’s a maxim of life that “We may not like everyone we meet, and not everyone may like us either,” it may be wise for companies to consider this wisdom in their pursuit of customers;   While much of our personal lives are focused on impressing and hanging out with people who make us most happy and successful, businesses often seem to think that their goal is to garner the affection of every customer no matter the cost.

It’s vital that companies Invest your time and resources to take care of your best customers first and with preferential treatment.  Concentrate on and satisfy those customers who are loyal and whose needs you can meet in ways that allow the business to succeed at the same time.  I’m not suggesting that you send dear john letters to your less desirable customers, but you should do the stuff that takes care of your best, most loyal customers first, even if it means potentially losing a few less desirable customers along the way.  By doing this you will keep your best customers, the ones who love you more and will help you be more successful and profitable.

figure out who your best customers are...pursue them over...nurture and protect them
No single business can expect to profitably meet the needs of every customer. It’s a fact that customers come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, and their needs and expectations vary widely.  So what cosmic force drives you to work tirelessly to try and win over customers who you just can’t seem to please or who just don’t fit your business model?  You probably owe thanks on this point to Marshall Fields whose promotions helped engrain that “the customer is always right” into the American psyche.  Who were they kidding?

There’s really only 3 key things to know about your company:

  1. Who are we? What’s your secret sauce really is..”What are you the best in the world at”
  2. Who are our customers? Who loves your secret sauce…”Who needs/wants what we’ve got?”
  3. How can you profitably win their love? “Make’m happy and Makum money!”

Always remember to spend your time attracting and hanging out with the people who will make you most happy and successful.

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