Darwin was right when he said only the strong survive. In business today, that increasingly means leadership through innovation that tests limits and transform markets.

going green with a process that’s 50 times less toxic than traditional polyurethane surfboard production

In the world of surfing, a brave new warrior has emerged in Firewire Surfboards, a company positioning itself to take over surfing’s billion dollar market. By making boards using unorthodox manufacturing techniques, high-tech materials like bamboo and carbon, and going green with a process that’s 50 times less toxic than traditional polyurethane surfboard production, Firewire’s making a lighter, stronger, and more flexible board that promises to revolutionize the art of riding a wave.

Check out an killer Entrepreneur Magazine article at: http://bit.ly/2x5yg7


“When Firewire came on the scene, it was a disruptive technology,” says company CEO Mark Price, a former wave-riding pro. “It represented a real threat to the entrenched surfboard manufacturing interests.”… The CEO might sound hyperbolic, but Firewire’s capabilities were on display when teen surfing sensation Dusty Payne was awarded $50,000 this spring for winning the Kustom Air Strike best-aerial contest. 

Payne shot off a wave, spun 360 degrees in the air and landed with nary a hair out of place. The jaw-dropping, skateboarding-style trick, caught on video on the North Shore of Oahu, could shake surfing the way Tony Hawk’s two-and-a-half-rotation “900” helped to launch ESPN’s X Games into popular culture 10 years ago… Price says, competitive surfing was once about carving the surface of a wave; now the sport is heading “above the lip”–in the air–where skate-style moves are becoming de rigueur for a new generation of riders.”

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