if you try using it for a fan or business page, it’ll blow up in your face and you’ll be like, “Awwww, dat wascally widdle wabbit!”
Ever since the British dropped leaflets on German soldiers in WWI, psychological pings have been recognized as a potent weapon. These days, the Internet makes it possible for anyone to deliver a global strike from anywhere, anytime, free. So today, we’re looking at digging in and hardening our propaganda e-machine.

THE MISSION: get a company blog to automatically feed social networks like twitter and facebook.


  1. DON’T USE THE INTERNAL FB/TWITTER APPLICATION. As of this writing, if you try using it to feed a fan or business page, it’ll blow up in your face and you’ll be like, “Awwww, dat wascally widdle wabbit!”
  2. INSTEAD, TRY AN OUTSIDE TARGETING MANAGER: use an external web service like ping.fm. Go to Ping, create a free account then specify the social networks that you want your blog to feed. In our case, we targeted our twitter and facebook pages at Ping. You can also shout out to dozens of other social networks from Ping. We also looked at another (now defunct) service called hellotxt.com but they didn’t appear to support fb Pages so we bugged-out halfway through the signup process. But turning our sights back to Ping…
  3. FINALLY, SET YOUR BLOG TO FEED: In some cases, you may have to install a plugin application to accomplish this. For example, if you’re a WordPress user, go to Plugins>Add New and search for a plugin that feeds your Targeting Manager. We searched for “ping.fm” and tried a couple of plugins that worked intermittently before finally settling on one called WPing.FM. Once installed, every time we published a new post on our blog, we had our social networks “tweeting wike a widdle boydies, eh-eh-eh-eh-eh!”

That’s it, you’re ready for action. Now, every time you publish on your blog, it shoots at ping.fm which in turn explodes your message out to all of your social network pages. Serious bloody carnage. Fur and carrots everywhere…

TIP: LOOK BEFORE YOU SHOOT: make sure your headers are battle-ready before you publish posts. Your headers are the content that will be distributed out to SN sites so take the time to make sure you’re not firing blanks. You have your marching orders so lock, load and have fun shooting their lights out. Hu-ahh!

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