Mia the Hungry Dawg

Mia the Thinker

So why is BizGym doing a blog? Because our #1 thinker, Mia, not so subtly exploded Chicken in front of us the other day just to illustrate that it’s high time we put our entrepreneurial intel up in The Cloud rather than keeping it all in our heads.

You know, it’s maddening. We grind all day long and she’s like “sleeping” in the corner. Then all of a sudden she gets up, grabs Chicken’s head and death-shakes it until its damn head explodes… and it’s like duh, do a blog!

But beyond sharing the love we’re hoping to:

  • Make a place for entrepreneurs to plan a business
  • Get your advice on how to improve BizGym
  • Shout out about what’s up at BizGym

Got any advice or requests for this blog? Contact Us

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